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TV Production




Live Theater Audio and Lighting Mix

  • The Television Production class at Unity School is a year long elective.  The course is offered to Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade students and meets three times a week. The purpose of this course is to prepare students with basic video and television production skills. 
  • The TV production team will acquire the following skills: operating a basic television production system: camcorders, video decks, monitors, microphones. headphones, mounting equipment, including tripods and mono pods, audio mixers, computers, visual communicator software for switcher and teleprompter.
  • The students also learn how to edit projects by storyboarding, using editing software –iMovie, iPhoto,  ITunes,  iDVD,  Garage Band,  Premiere Pro, and Finalcut. They learn basic editing which includes downloading videos, web streaming, and audio, splitting video clips, adding graphics, transitions, voice over, and music, creating DVDs, and transferring projects to main show computers.
  • The students produce a short live afternoon show.  In preparing for the show, the students: write scripts; learn all positions (anchors, other talent, floor manager, director, camera 1, camera 2, video tech, audio tech, teleprompter operator); critique the show; create sets and utilize appropriate props; input video for show (special features); learn correct production terminology; and learn production software (Visual Communicator).
  • The students also create a major project each trimester.  Students choose from the following: Commercial, Documentary, Short Story, Music Video, Science Experiment, Review Show, or Interview.
  • Students go on field trips including visits to local TV stations, editing studios, etc.
  • The students learn about different careers related to TV Production.