Student Government

Unity School’s middle school student government consists of class representatives from 6th through 8th grades as well as a president (8th grader), vice-president (7th or 8th grader), and a secretary (6 through 8th grader). Elections are held in the beginning of the school year. Class representatives are elected in the homerooms and president, vice-president, and secretary candidates give speeches to the whole middle school and are then voted on. 

Student government meets approximately once a week and the president runs the meeting, while the vice-president assists and the secretary takes notes. Some ideas that are discussed and planned annually are the school dances, Valentine’s Day flowers for teachers, movie afternoons, Grandparents’ Day ambassadors, and Halloween activities. This year the student government initiated a school wide marker and crayon recycling program and is working together with the Unity School’s Builders’ Club. Student Government also works closely with the Head of the School, Assistant Head of School, and the Head of Middle School to discuss and plan new initiatives.