Fundraising Events

We provide a variety ways to participate and support Unity School:

Support an Event:

There are a variety of ways to support one of our exciting Special Events: Attendance, Sponsorship, In-Kind Donations, Family and Corporate Advertisements, and most importantly, through your participation and volunteerism.  All proceeds go towards enhancing the academic and support programs for our children.

Annual Giving Fund:

The Annual Fund is a key source of financial support that impacts virtually everything at Unity School.  Gifts to the Annual Fund enable the school to continue functioning at the highest level and ensure that all of the children in our care are educated to the best possible level.  Before considering any other gift to Unity School, we ask that you consider giving to the Annual Fund.

Gifts for Special Projects through Restricted Funds:

It is amazing what Unity School families can do when something is needed for the children here!  Gifts for special projects are sought whenever essential campus enhancements are identified.  In 2013, the perimeter fence project was the main focus for generous giving by our school community. Examples of some restricted gifts through the years have included new state-of-the-art purified water fountains/bottle refill stations throughout the campus providing clean cool water to our students on the playground, the field, in the ALEC building and several other locations around the campus;  new Montessori items for the preschool classrooms, shade canopies over the playground, and many more.

If you are interested in donating to a specific cause, please contact Development & Events Director, Joy Lanza to discuss your offer.