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Unity Newspaper–Dragon Flies Over Florida

Dragon Flies Over Florida

Aidan Smith, Investigative Reporter

    On March 3, a Dragon 2 capsule was sent in a Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station (ISS). Though it wasn’t manned on this mission, the capsule was one of the first capable to take humans to space since the shuttle program ended. This capsule could carry a max of four people all the way to the ISS.This launch was manned by an AI that was measuring how a human would react to the Dragon 2 atmosphere. Measuring vitals and heart rate were a few examples of what the AI was measuring.

    SpaceX has been on a roll with amazing feats of their constantly moving forward technology.This recent string of successes was started on February 6, 2018. On that day in Fort Myers, Florida,  the infamous Falcon Heavy launched. This 3.1 million ton rocket launched carrying a 6 ton satellite for Saudi Arabia.While it was an important launch for Saudi Arabia, the rest of the world was also invested in this launch.

     People from all around the world tuned in for what would be known as an historic launch. At 3:45, the rocket launched and history was made. After the the two secondary burners came off, they landed perfectly in two designated landing areas. The world was shocked.

    Fast forward a year later to February 2019, where Elon Musk announces the Raptor, the spaceship that will supposedly take us to Mars. This glistening rocket will take the 2 year 45 day trip possibly with humans aboard to accomplish Elon Musk’s childhood dream of colonizing Mars.

    Many people have shown a recent interest in SpaceX, especially in the younger generations. When asked about SpaceX, Kate Velez, a fourth grade student, had a very positive opinion on the company. In Kate’s opinion, she thinks that SpaceX is a great company that is changing space travel in a positive way. She is very happy that we now have the ability to send people into space without the help of the Russian space agencies. Kate is a supporter of Elon Musk’s ideas and would like it if he could use efficient power for his rockets. Kate would also like to be the person to step on the planet Pluto when she grows up.

    Cole Jankowitz, a sixth grade student, is very happy about  what SpaceX is doing. He loves that they test their rockets frequently and would like to colonize Mars. Cole is also very interested in the Falcon Heavy and believes that it is very cool and futuristic. Cole did see the Falcon 9 launch carrying the Dragon and was very impressed. He is a huge fan of Elon Musk and thinks that he is great at what he does and trusts his company more than any other space company.

    Mrs. Hassan, a tech specialist, had a very interesting opinion. Mrs Hassan said that she thinks that SpaceX is accomplishing their goals and more. She also believes that SpaceX is setting a high standard for any other rocket companies. “This competition is a good thing because it creates innovation,” said Mrs. Hassan. Mrs. Hassan also brought up an interesting issue involving Elon Musk. Recently Elon has been under fire for making some rude Tweets on the social media platform, Twitter. Mrs. Hassan believes that some of the greatest minds can be misrepresented because of social media, and hopefully Mr. Musk can find a team that can help him get his focus away from social media.

   SpaceX is truly changing space travel in an amazing way. They are revolutionizing the distance we can travel and how we can travel there. They are changing the way that we use rockets, and have started a new way of reusing rockets. They are also the company that will someday take us to Mars and possibly someday colonize the  red planet. This company will also send humans back to space, which may seem small, but will actually be a huge accomplishment. SpaceX truly is soaring ahead of the competition.