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Unity Newspaper–National Emergency

National Emergency Declared Over Border Wall

Ryan Grandis, Investigative Reporter

    President Donald J. Trump declared a national emergency to secure funding for the border wall. He declared such a national emergency on March 5, 2019.

    A national emergency is when a government is allowed to perform actions that are normally not allowed. President Trump explained the real reason why he declared a national emergency was to begin construction sooner. “I want to get it done faster, that’s all.” said President Trump, reported the New York Times.

    With President Trump declaring the national emergency he will have access to 21 billion dollars, some congress aides said Thursday. He will get 10 billion in military construction and 11 billion in previous unspent funding.

      The National Emergency Act was created on September 14, 1976. There have been 58 national emergencies declared since the act went into effect, about one national emergency a year. Some bigger national emergencies that have been declared are the terrorist attack of 9/11, the Iran Hostage Crisis, Hurricane Katrina, and Super-storm Sandy. There have been many other international crises for which national emergencies have been declared.

    In more recent days President Trump has threatened to close the southern border if Mexico doesn’t stop illegal immigration. Trump claimed he would close all places of entry with Mexico and cut aid for Mexico. Trump said in a tweet, “I am not playing around.” Closing the border could have far reaching effects including limiting seasonal produce like avocados, and it would disrupt the flow of 26 billion dollars of food imports from Mexico.

    I also interviewed John Blunt who said that the National Emergency Act should be used for big crises, not as a button to be used whenever you want something. John also thinks that there shouldn’t be a border wall because it can decay over time, and some people who really want to get to the United States will find a way.  

    An anonymous source said that the border wall takes funding away from other projects and people will still find a way to get in as some people will do whatever it takes to get in. The source also said that there shouldn’t be a border wall.