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Unity Newspaper–Spirit Week

Spirit Week at Unity School


Makayla Whelchel, Investigative Reporter

From March 11th to March 15th, students at Unity School have been participating in the yearly tradition of spirit week. This week-long activity takes place the week before school lets out for spring break. This year, students participated in Spirit Week by wearing their favorite sports jersey, showing their wild side with crazy outfits, dressing as their favorite movie character, or as a cowgirl/cowboy. All of this fun was completed on Friday with field day activities.

On Monday, the first day of Spirit Week, students wore their favorite sports jerseys or t-shirts representing a team. Jersey Day seemed to be one of the most popular days during Spirit Week based on how many students participated. Gia Conde said that Jersey Day was her favorite day of the entire week because she got to wear her Hurricanes shirt.

On Crazy Day, students wore silly outfits along with crazy socks, hair, mismatched shoes and even had the option to wear everything inside out and backwards! The whole school went all out on this day. Students that were interviewed all said that their outfits were crazy because they had bright colors and mismatched clothes.

On Character Day, students dressed up as characters from their favorite book, TV show or movie. Many more students dressed up as movie or TV characters than as book characters. In fact, almost no one dressed up as a character from a book. Three out of the five people interviewed dressed up for this day, and two out of the five people wore what they had left over from Halloween or other already used costumes, which was smart- no need to buy new ones.

On Thursday, students dressed like they were from the Wild West- it was cowboy and cowgirl day! Many students dressed up for this day of Spirit Week. Students wore checkered shirts, cowboy boots and hats, and bandannas. Kate Velez even said that it was her favorite day of the week.

On Friday, all of the fun of the past week was topped off with exciting Field Day activities. This year, however, field day did not go quite the way everyone was expecting- it rained. Students only got to participate in a few activities before it started pouring! Everyone then went inside to the gym where they played games of basketball, as well as a few other games.  

All in all, students seemed to enjoy Spirit Week a lot- with its fun costumes and silly characters, Spirit Week was fun for all. It was a great way to show school spirit and count down the days until spring break.


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