Admission Process

Admission to Unity School 

Why does Unity school utilize continuous enrollment?

Continuous enrollment makes ongoing enrollment at Unity easier and more convenient for parents by simplifying the re-enrollment process. Continuous enrollment streamlines a burdensome process and allows schools and parents to plan.

How does continuous enrollment work?

Parents will review, sign, and submit the continuous enrollment contract one time–then that contract will auto-renew annually until graduation or until the parents inform Unity in writing that they want to opt out. Each year, parents will view updates to tuition and fees, and update their tuition payment plans.

Will we need to submit a tuition deposit each year?

Yes. Tuition deposits will be due every year by the opt out date. If you opt out after that date, your tuition deposit is non-refundable. NOTE: If you opt out after the termination deadline (typically around April 1st), your tuition deposit is non-refundable and you are still obligated by the terms of the contract to pay one full academic year’s tuition.

What if we decide we no longer want to be enrolled at Unity?

Each year, parents will have an opt out period. The dates will be shared in a December communication of each year. If you decide you don’t want your child to remain enrolled for the next school year, you will notify us in writing (send an email to during the opt-out period. 

What if we don’t opt out in writing, but we don’t submit our tuition deposit by the deadline?

Seats not reserved with a tuition deposit will be offered to new, incoming students. Please notify the Admissions office at prior to the opt out date if temporary financial hardship makes submitting your tuition deposit problematic.

Need More Information?

If you have any additional questions about how continuous enrollment works–or how it will impact your family in the year or years ahead-please contact Director of Enrollment Management, Alma Frankel.

We are excited about continuous enrollment and the simplified process for keeping your children enrolled at Unity. We know you have many school options to consider, and we are honored that you continue to choose Unity School!