Welcome From The Head of School

A Message from Genevieve Hoppe, Our Head of School

It is with a profound sense of honor and gratitude that I serve as Head of School at Unity School. Anyone who spends time on campus speaking with parents and employees, taking a tour, visiting classrooms, or having conversations with students will witness the school’s commitment to educating the entire child. In addition to being academically sound, Unity students demonstrate that they are well-equipped with the tools needed for success in high school and beyond. Moreover, they stand out for being incredibly thoughtful, articulate, independent, and prepared with the skills, information, and attitudes that will enable them to be successful in the interconnected world that they are inheriting. This level of success is not attainable without an intentional and powerful partnership between the faculty and staff of Unity School and the student’s family. I am inspired daily by each community member’s passion for the school and dedication to its success.

I can confidently say that at Unity one can find all of the ingredients necessary to create a powerful and fulfilling educational experience: an accomplished and dedicated faculty, supportive families, high academic standards in a safe and nurturing environment, and a commitment to individual development. These foundational elements are amplified by outstanding programs in athletics, the arts, technology, community service, and leadership, all of which demonstrate the school’s commitment to all dimensions of early education: mind, body, and spirit.

A school’s strength lies in its ability to honor its past, reflect on the opportunities available, and set goals for the future. Together, we  build upon Unity School’s rich tradition of empowering children to be lifelong learners who exercise their own talents to make a lasting impact on their communities and the world.



Genevieve Hoppe

Head of School