Message from Head of School


I truly feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve Unity School as Head of School. Fifty-four years ago Unity School was built on an amazing educational foundation.

Your child’s first steps through the doors of Unity School are the beginning of an exciting journey of learning, exploration and self-realization. Our administration and teachers are continually educated in the most innovative brain based teaching methods. We broaden your child’s experience with music, art, physical education, technology, language, and theater arts programs that are second to none. Unity’s internationally recognized Lessons in Living program teaches students to develop strong morals, ethics, and values that complement the school’s advanced academic focus. They are taught important “life skills” inspiring an awareness of self and others resulting in a positive impact on the entire family.

We are experiencing the most exciting time in the history of education as we have chosen to educate young minds and developing future leaders. Our challenge today continues to be the connection of a solid foundation of educational values and implementing them into 21st century educational practices while maintaining the core and the heartbeat of Unity School. Our task is to educate their whole being so they can be prepared for their future, a future we are not even sure we can truly yet describe. We do however know that if we teach today the way we were taught yesterday, we are not preparing our students for the world they will experience.

Our mission at Unity School is to develop creators, innovators, global leaders and instill a desire for lifelong learning. Unity School is an educational environment which will continue to encompasses high expectations of our students, our faculty, and our parents.

Louis St-Laurent
Head of School