THURSDAY, JANUARY 18th, 3:30 – 5:30pm
FRIDAY, JANUARY 19th, 3:30 – 5:30pm


  • Read the character breakdown below and select the character you would MOST like to play.
  • Learn that character’s suggested song by using the links below. (You will need to use the INSTRUMENTAL version for your audition.)
  • Select the monologue of the character you would MOST like to play here:
    Audition Monologues
  • Come prepared to dance – athletic attire, hair up, dance shoes or sneakers.


Elle Woods may appear like a typical blonde California sorority girl, but don’t count her out. She is hardworking, optimistic and tenacious. Performer must be proficient in all areas: singing, dancing and acting. VOCAL SELECTION: SO MUCH BETTER

Margot, Serena, and Pilar are Elle’s trio of best friends and Delta Nu sisters. These three roles are perfect for a group of young ladies with great singing and acting abilities, and most importantly, lots of energy! Handpick three girls who make a complementary, dynamic group. Vocal range top: C#5 Vocal range bottom: F#3 VOCAL SELECTION: OMIGOD YOU GUYS, PART 1

Kate is a featured Delta Nu sister – the academic of the bunch. VOCAL SELECTION: OMIGOD YOU GUYS, PART 1

Warner Huntington III is a fantastic role for a young man who is both a good singer and actor. He is Elle’s ex-boyfriend and caught between his former life with Elle and his newfound serious East Coast life with Vivienne. VOCAL SELECTION: SERIOUS

Admission Officers Winthrop, Lowell and Pforzheimer are three admissions officers of Harvard Law School who eventually admit Elle into the program after some critical evaluation. These performers should be great actors, capable of showing some age and character.

Emmet Forrest has had to work hard his entire life to get into Harvard Law School, and nothing is going to come between him and becoming a partner in Callahan’s law firm, except maybe his surprising love for Elle. Performer must have a great singing voice and acting chops. 


Law Students Aaron Schultz, Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan and Enid Hoopes are three featured law students with academic credits that would intimidate anyone. These are fun roles for actors who can really bring their unique selves to these parts and make bold acting choices.

Vivienne Kensington is the very opposite of Elle, if judging only by demeanor. She comes from a very conservative East Coast background and is everything that Warner needs to make a serious move to become a lawyer. Performer must be a great singer and an actress who can make the bold transition from being Elle’s nemesis to being her friend. VOCAL SELECTION: SO MUCH BETTER

Whitney is Vivienne’s law school friend and partner in mischief when it comes to bringing down Elle. Performermust have wonderful energy and presence. VOCAL SELECTION: OMIGOD YOU GUYS, PART 1

Professor Callahan is the most-feared professor at Harvard Law School. Callahan need not be the most experienced singer, as long as he uses his best acting chops to portray this villainous role. VOCAL SELECTION: CHIP ON MY SHOULDER, PART 1

Paulette is a wonderful role for a talented comedienne. While she is a bold character, her self-esteem needs a little boost now and then. Performer must be a great singer and an even better actor. VOCAL SELECTION: SO MUCH BETTER

Brooke Wyndham is a famous fitness video guru on trial for killing her husband. This is a high-spirited role for a young lady who is a triple-threat: a great singer, dancer and actress who can really portray her very difficult predicament. VOCAL SELECTION: WHIPPED INTO SHAPE

Dewey is Paulette’s brash ex-husband who lives in a trailer and holds her dog captive. His is a great role for a young man who is fearless in his acting choices.

Chutney Wyndham has a really bad perm and an even worse attitude. She is Brooke’s unhappy stepdaughter who is actually guilty for killing her father and framing Brooke.

Kyle is the UPS delivery man who Paulette has her eyes on each time his job brings him to the salon. Performer must be a great actor.

Salon Employees are part of Paulette’s entourage at the salon who are very adept at the “Bend and Snap.” Performers who can sing and dance well, and, most importantly, have a lot of personality.

Grandmaster Chad is a fun role for a young guy who is a great musician; a standout role from the other fraternity brothers and requires a lot of energy. VOCAL SELECTION: SERIOUS

Featured Ensemble:

Gaelen, Judge, Jet Blue Pilot, Saleswoman, Store Manager, Prison Guard, Bookish Client and Sabrina are featured roles for young performers who may have less experience on the stage but have vibrant personalities.


The ensemble roles consist of Waiters, Delta Nus, Frat Boys, Greek Chorus, Students and Inmates. No role is small, especially in the world of Legally Blonde JR., where actors change hats quickly from character to character. This show is full of energy, so performers for each and every role must be bright and dynamic.



Song Sheet Music Guide Instrumental
Whipped into Shape Whipped Music Whipped w/Vocals Whipped Instrumental
So Much Better So Much Better Music So Much Better w/Vocals So Much Better Instrumental
Omigod You Guys, Part 1 Omigod Music Omigod w/Vocals Omigod Instrumental
Serious Serious Music Serious w/Vocals Serious Instrumental
Chip On My Shoulder, Part 1 Chip Music Chip W/Vocals Chip Instrumental


Congratulations, Troupe 89284!


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