Faculty and Staff

Dedicated Professionals

Unity School’s faculty is comprised of caring teachers and administrators who are committed to helping students achieve their best potential. Faculty members are talented professionals dedicated to the task of education — in the classroom, on the athletic field and beyond. These role models exemplify the mission and incorporate the values of our Honor Code in their teaching and in their lives.

Faculty may be contacted via email by clicking on the envelope by their name or by phone at 561-276-4414

Laurie Houghton
Interim Head of School
Gena Vacha
Director of Events
Nilda Torres
Director of Preschool
Lauren Wallach
Director of Institutional Advancement
Barbara Ferguson
Director of Middle School
Doug Mattocks
Director of IT
Sharon Gerry
Director of Athletics
Paul Meadows
Chief Financial Officer
Darlene Lang
Director of Curriculum
Lori Robbins
Director Food Service & Purchasing
Carole Auletti
Accounting Assistant
Valda Reinbergs
Lisa Lambert
Middle School Assistant
Janick de Fabrique
Administrative Assistant
Nilda Torres
Director of Preschool
Lisa Beira
Orientation Teacher
Alma Frankel
Pre B Lead Teacher
Marcela Zelico
Toddler Lead Teacher
Sandra Gover
Pre A LeadTeacher
Brenner Brinkley
Pre B Teacher
Clemencia Rosado
Toddler Teacher
Caroline Sperry
Pre A Teacher
Emily Batts
Preschool Virtual Teacher
Jennifer DeRenzo
Kindergarten A Teacher
Jaclyn Daily
Grade 1B Teacher
Linda Methol
Grade 3A Teacher
Stacey Smith
Kindergarten B Teacher
Ann Fox
Grade 2A Teacher
Elana Greenberg
Grade 3B Teacher
Kathryn Rebholz
Grade 5 Teacher
Leidy Rodriguez
Grade 1A Teacher
Bianca Muniz
Grade 2B Teacher
Anna Schuemann
Grade 4 Teacher
Barbara Ferguson
Director of Middle School
Linda Simpson
MS Math
Luis Bolivar
MS Math
Gabriela Chaves
Dan Phillips
MS Social Studies
Bill Marcacci
MS Math
Tutu Heinonen
MS Language Arts
Nathalie Charles
MS Science
KayLyn Bottiglieri
Mary Kate Fowee
Erin Kronzek
Music Teacher
Rosanna Edwards
Lessons in Living
Sharon Gerry
Director of Athletics
Marleen Bernstein
Preschool/Elementary Spanish
Wesley Thompson
Instrumental Music Teacher
Andrea Bevan
Lessons in Living Assistant
Dana Fritzinger
Technology Integration
Michael Zambarano
Torres Young
Roxanne Grant
Melissa Hassan
Technology Integration
Melisa Cleveland
Guidance Counselor
Bea Byers
School Photographer
Kimberly Spells
Andrew Belotti
Head of Maintenance
Shelley Albe
School Nurse
Barbara Abruzzese
Ann Rich
Food Service Aide
John Salinas
KeriAnn Judge
School Nurse
Dominique St-Laurent
Rose McLeod
Aubrey Pegram