Middle School

“When I want to be a child and play like a child, somebody tells me to grow up and act like an adult, and when I want to act like an adult, somebody tells me to act my age.” ~ A Middle School Student

We know these children very well.  At one time in our lives, we were these children. We were more complex than anyone acknowledged.

Middle School is an exciting time for students full of growth and change.  Our Middle School students move from a self-contained classroom in Elementary School to departmentalized classes engaging in interdisciplinary projects.  Along with that new class schedule comes new responsibilities.  Students are asked to advocate for themselves, learn to mediate conflict, solve real life problems, and work cooperatively in leadership and community service. Middle School students utilize the fundamentals from Elementary School while refining their study skills and work habits in preparation for the independence necessary for high school.  The Unity School staff and faculty are committed to working with parents to create an environment where each individual student is valued, cared for and encouraged to excel academically but also to develop self-esteem, self-discipline, and a strong commitment to others.   In addition to the core subjects (math, English/language arts, science, and social studies), Unity School offers support classes  that provide the opportunity for students to experience the fine and performing arts, a foreign language, technology, sports development, service-oriented programs, and creative enrichment.  Our extensive electives program encourages experimentation of new passions and the opportunity to excel in the area of a student’s choice.  Some examples are: Theater Arts, competitive eSports, Claymation, Jazz and Rock Bands, Mixed Media Art, Sign Language, International Cuisine, Baking, Photography, Dance, and TV Production just to name a few.