CommUNITY Groups & Info

Research has shown that a middle school with a strong advisory program is beneficial in many ways. Advisory programs have the potential to ensure that every child has a meaningful relationship with an adult and belongs to a community of peers. Advisory meetings or CommUNITY Groups, as we call it, provide a safe environment in which students work through academic and social challenges.

Students from multi grade levels (6th – 8th) meet twice a month with assigned advisors. Advisors are not there as guidance counselors but more as a mentor, a support, and an advocate for students. Advisors will begin each meeting with a “temperature check” on grades, academic progress, and social issues. Then each meeting will focus on any issues that need discussion or resolving. For example, activities can be designed to foster leadership, build self-esteem, or resolve conflicts. They can also center around study skills and academic support, character development, social and emotional learning and goal setting.  It can even be a time to generate community service ideas.