Support Unity

The Unity School Endowment Fund, Inc. is a not for profit 501c3 corporation established in 1985 to enrich and advance the development of Unity School.  All funds donated to the Unity School Endowment Fund exclusively support the programs and purposes of Unity School.  The Endowment Fund requests support for the School through several key schoolwide events, through the Annual Giving Fund, Gifts for Special Projects, and through the Legacy Society.

  • View a list of upcoming events in the Schoolwide Events tab or contact Development & Events Director Joy Lanza for more information at or 561-276- 4414 ext. 130.
  • For more information regarding the Annual Giving Fund, The Legacy Society, Gifts-in-Kind, Gifts for Special Projects, Gifts through a Will, or Foundation & Corporate Support, please contact Development & Events Director Joy Lanza for more information at or 561-276- 4414 ext. 130.

We provide a variety of ways to participate and support Unity School:

Support an Event

There are a variety of ways to support one of our exciting Special Events: Attendance, Sponsorship, In-Kind Donations, Family and Corporate Advertisements, and most importantly, through your participation and volunteerism. All proceeds go towards enhancing the academic and support programs for our children.

Annual Giving Fund

The Annual Fund is a key source of financial support that impacts virtually everything at Unity School. Gifts to the Annual Fund enable the school to continue functioning at the highest level and ensure that all of the children in our care are educated to the best possible level. Before considering any other gift to Unity School, we ask that you consider giving to the Annual Fund.

The Legacy Society

For our children, some of their most formative achievements will take place at Unity School.  The Legacy Society is an opportunity to recognize the importance of those moments through the dedication of a physical piece of the campus itself.

Through the years, the Legacy Society has allowed for capital improvements to our campus  including the extension of Unity School to Middle School in 1991, the construction of the ALEC Building in 2001, ongoing improvements of our buildings and grounds, the addition of a Bermuda grass field for Athletics, and most recently the construction of an attractive security fence around the perimeter of the school in 2013.

Legacy Society gifts can come in a variety of levels, from a $125 Dedication Brick at the entrance to the ALEC Building and a $250 Tribute Brick in the Celebration Preschool Breezeway to a $12,500 Virtue Column down our Peace Walk leading to the ALEC Building.  Many other infrastructure components, classrooms and stairways are also available for naming opportunities as part of The Legacy Society program. Please contact Joy Lanza, Director of Development & Events for a current list of available Virtue Columns and Naming Opportunities.

For a parent, grandparent, Unity friend or Alumnus, for your children or grandchildren, The Legacy Society offers the opportunity to leave a bit of yourself behind with all of the memories made at Unity School.

Remember Unity in Your Will

It only takes a minute to sign a beneficiary document with your bank, life insurance company, or attorney to leave Unity School in your will. A specific amount or a simple percentage may be designated as a gift for the school in the future, an action taken today that can build the school’s endowment for generations to come.

Gifts for Special Projects through Restricted Funds

It is amazing what Unity School families can do when something is needed for the children here!  Gifts for special projects are sought whenever essential campus enhancements are identified.  In 2013, the perimeter fence project was the main focus for generous giving by our school community. Examples of some restricted gifts through the years have included new state-of-the-art purified water fountains/bottle refill stations throughout the campus providing clean cool water to our students on the playground, the field, in the ALEC building and several other locations around the campus;  new Montessori items for the preschool classrooms, shade canopies over the playground, and many more.

If you are interested in donating to a specific cause, please contact Development & Events Director, Joy Lanza to discuss your offer.


Relocating? Have a garage full of furniture or office equipment to get rid of?  Down-sizing?  Unity School is always open to receiving gently used office furniture, school supplies for the classrooms, discarded materials that could be used for art ,etc.  As a Palm Beach County Green School of Quality, Unity emphasizes recycling in its used uniform sale, cell phone and ink cartridge collections, too.

If Unity School cannot use the donation directly, our Lessons in Living Department will distribute it to local community partners in need.

Foundation & Corporate Support

The education of America’s children is arguably one of the most pressing and important issues of our time. Independent schools operate solely on the financial support of their attendees, foundations and corporations. There is an abundance of opportunities to support Unity School and the innovative programs that exist here. For a private foundation, Unity School affords a more personal experience in seeing the results of your donation. For a corporation, Unity School is an exciting marketing outlet and opportunity to offer company exposure while supporting something as important as education.

Unity Endowment Fund, Inc. Board of Directors

The Endowment Fund, managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, meet at least once a month to develop strategies to raise funds for Unity School. For more information, please contact Joy Lanza