Why Unity School?

Unity School is so much more than a school;


As our mission states, the goal of Unity School is to empower children and inspire learning by educating the entire child: mind, body and spirit.  Such a task is not taken lightly and is ultimately a collaborative effort between the faculty and staff of Unity School and a student’s family and community.  It really does take a village to raise a child.  We know that the selection of the right school for your child is not an easy decision.  Thank you for considering Unity School, and, we hope to be a part of your family’s village.

The most powerful message we can communicate about Unity School is the impact this special place has had on our students and families.  We invite you to tour the campus, meet with our Head of School, Genevieve Hoppe, attend a special event and meet our dedicated faculty and staff to see if Unity School is the right place for your child.

So many people have asked me how I managed to raise such a “great kid” by myself.

I always give the same answer: I did not raise my son alone; I had plenty of help. I honestly do not think that my son would be the man he is today without the experience of attending Unity School and that I would not have learned how to be an effective parent without the school’s guidance and understanding.”
Alumni Mom

“My absolute favorite class in elementary school had to be Lessons in Living. In this class we learned to love and respect the universe and all the creatures that inhabit it. How could convictions not be formed in such a class; where desks and grades have been long abandoned for teachings of love and kindness.”
Middle School Student on Unity School’s peace and character education program, Lessons in Living

“I thought you might like to know that our son has thrived at the I.B. program at Atlantic. When you and your staff do your jobs well, as you did with our son, your students benefit immensely. Two of your staff, coincidentally, made the list of our son’s five most influential people in his life – Mr. Saint and Ms. Judith. My wife and I made the list as well, but we only counted for one of the five on the list!”
Alumni Dad

“Unity has provided my family an extremely happy, healthy, friendly environment. My family loves it there. They are thriving. For that, we are very thankful.”
Unity Dad