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Unity School FYI:



Monday, August 22nd, 2022 – First Day of School!


Recycled Uniforms:

We are always happy to accept uniforms that are still usable for our recycled uniform program.

Please leave any donations in the front office for pick up.


Event Updates


Please remember to make your tax-deductible donation to the Annual Fund. Contributions to the Annual Fund are necessary to balance the school’s operating budget, take care of campus needs and support/enhance our academic, athletic, music, drama, art, technology, and the Lessons in Living program which benefit all our children. To donate, go to unityschool.com and click on Annual Fund or click here.

Gena Vacha

Director of Events



Food Drive: Your donated goods have been instrumental in feeding our local community through the Caring Kitchen.

Recycled Uniforms  Please remember that we are accepting donations of used but still usable uniforms for our Recycled Uniform department.  You may bring in your donations at drop-off or pick up to be placed by a staff member in our uniform bins.  Thank you for your support!


The Virtue of the week is :


The thought we are focusing on is:

” I trust the next chapter will be good because I know the author”






Community Food Drive.  


Food Drive During any month, any family that has items to donate, are encouraged to bring canned goods as well as other non-perishables during morning drop off.  These goods will be donated to the Caring Kitchen each week to help feed our community.  Each grade will be assigned one month where they will be encouraged to make non-perishable food donations.  To see which month your children will be asked to donate food, check your Unity School calendar- first entry under the notes section on the right side of the calendar.  Last year’s drive was a huge success, and I’m sure this year will be as well.


Do you or someone you know have fruit bearing trees in the yard?  Then be a part of Unity School’s exciting Tree to Tray program. Parents can drop off bags or boxes of local, organically grown fruits that come from your own backyard trees.  Unity’s Food Service Director, Lori Robbins will be using the fruit from our trees, and turning it into delicious meals that end up on our children’s lunch trays.  So, those wonderful avocados that are filling your trees right now will be used to make fresh, homemade guacamole for taco day.  And the limes, oranges and lemons make wonderful, flavored water for our children and for family events at school.  Donating these items helps expose our children to food they may not normally eat.  Fresh food is a crucial part of our children’s health and provides the nutrients and energy they need to fully participate in all of the educational and enrichment activities here at Unity.   All fresh produce is welcome!  Each month we will feature the items that are seasonally harvested as a reminder to support this program.  Help us get your extra fruit off your trees and onto our children’s trays!

Our purpose is to provide a safe, happy environment for your child, where they are able to be themselves and thrive; while acquiring the educational foundation needed to achieve