Parent Organizations

Parenting Education Networks, Organizations, and Programs

Unity School is blessed to have the participation of so many parents of the school.  There is also a wealth of opportunities to get involved in each and every classroom and in all of the school’s departments (i.e. Music, Art, Theater, TV Production, Lessons in Living, Athletics and Technology).

Unity School Service Organization (USSO)

The mission of the Unity School Service Organization (USSO) is to serve the Unity “Family” by encouraging participation in the events and environment of Unity School.  Every parent of a student at Unity School is a member of the Unity School Service Organization.  The purpose of the organization is to encourage and promote active participation by parents in service to the school; to advance and promote communication and understanding among the parents, faculty, and administration of the school; to support quality education at the school; to provide volunteers to support approved Unity School Educational and Financial Development Programs;   and to develop/present program recommendations to the Head of School for evaluation.

We encourage you to become an active member by volunteering your time and talents.

Kudos to this year’s USSO Board for the work they are doing to ensure this is an incredible year for all of us!

Unity School Fathers’ Club

The mission of the Unity School Fathers’ Club is to encourage Unity Dads to spend quality time with their children.  The Fathers’ Club fosters closer relationships between father and child by planning events that would incorporate camaraderie among the fathers and a positive fun relationship with their children.  The Fathers’ Club is not a fund raising organization but instead a “FUN” raising organization that holds events for Dads and their children bi-monthly.