Faculty Spotlight

Unity School is made up of educators with amazing talents. Faculty Spotlights are our way of highlighting and getting to know some of the incredible members of our community in a more personal way. Enjoy their inspiring stories.

Meet Mrs. Methol

Mrs. Methol is originally from Miami, Florida but has lived in Los Angeles, California, and Houston, Texas. Her passions are all about creativity. Whether it’s cooking, painting, music, fashion, dancing, or planning the latest technology lesson plan for her middle school students, Mrs. Methol loves to “think outside the box” and sprinkle creativity and edginess into all her activities. 

A product of a family that emigrated from Cuba, she was raised by her single mom, who also provided for her, her older brother (Robert), and her grandmother. “I was raised by a single mom and I saw how hard she worked to provide for my brother, grandmother, and myself. Growing up, I was surrounded by love, music, laughter and positivity. My mom instilled in me to have big dreams, and to ‘work hard’ to achieve them.” After living in Los Angeles and Houston with her husband and best friend (of almost 25 years) –  Bill – the couple moved back to Florida in 2018. Aside from her creative passions, she loves to spend time with her husband, “whether we are traveling around the world, or simply watching classic movies together at home. We thrive on living simply and happily.”

What is your teaching philosophy?

Christina McCauliffe once said, “I touch the future, I teach.” This quote has always resonated with me and continues to guide me. To teach is a privilege and an honor. It is the one profession where we as educators, are always in the presence of greatness and continually strive for excellence. To say that I am enthusiastic about teaching is but the tip of a large and deep iceberg. At a deeper level, I am driven by a higher calling that includes: a love of humanity, and its future, and a desire to leave this world a better place than I found it.

As an educator, my goal is to imbue in my students that same desire for curiosity and pursuit of excellence that I have had my entire life.

What is the most gratifying aspect of teaching?

It’s hard to pick just one! But, I would have to say it’s that look that a child gives you when they “get” it. When their eyes open up and light up, when that smile comes across their face, of having grasped a new concept or skill. Anything from a long and difficult math problem or concept they have been struggling to get, or even the smallest “Aha” moment like discovering the wonder of magnets and magnetic forces. It’s that wondrous face of astonishment.

What is the greatest personal achievement as a teacher?

Building those relationships with students and parents that go beyond the current school year. Making those connections and knowing that I made a difference and a positive impact in their lives. To this day, I still get Christmas cards and emails from parents and students that I taught years ago. 

Why did I choose Unity School?

I fell in love with Unity from the moment I walked onto its campus for my first interview. From its serene and nature-like environment to the smiles that radiated from everyone all over campus. It continues to this day.  It’s truly a composite of students, staff, parents, and teachers that creates this unique community. I think our name “Unity School” embodies this idea and this vision that we are all united in a common journey and goal. 

What makes the Unity School program unique?

I love how Unity has such a holistic philosophy of educating and empowering the whole child. I am naturally well aligned with Unity School’s well-balanced curriculum that includes rigorous academics, technology, music education, arts, sports education, and of course, its LNL curriculum. There is always a focus on improving, progressing, and adapting to the world around us, as well as being a force for positive change.

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