The foundation for Unity School began at the Unity Headquarters, Unity Village, Missouri.  There, Madame Elizabeth Caspari, who studied under the direction of Dr. Maria Montessori, conducted an experimental school and helped train teachers in the unique Montessori method and philosophy.  Caspari’s school was a great success.

As a result, Unity Montessori Preschool was founded in 1964 by the congregation of Unity Church of Delray Beach in an effort to replicate Caspari’s successful model.  Unity School is non-denominational and respects the basic Truth within all religions. Unity School has devoted an entire department, called lessons in living, to educate, nurture and embrace our students, staff, and families in the vision of love, wisdom and divine greatness that lies deep within each person.   This philosophy is based on peace, love, acceptance, tolerance, compassion, non-violence and reverence for ourselves, the human family and all life on this planet.  Children are inspired to believe that they have their own unique contribution to give and that they can be a powerful influence for bringing forth positive change in our society and our world.  The Lessons in Living Department  is a vital part of the Unity School curriculum and experience.

Investor and developer Warren Grimes, a member of Unity Church, donated the land and generously provided the funds to construct Unity School’s initial buildings.  Since 1964, Unity School’s achievements have been led by our parents: a group of devoted individuals determined to ensure the best for their children.  In 1984, former Head of School Maria Barber coined the phrase, “Unity School, where the child is our most important resource and an informed parent is our greatest asset.”  The truth of this statement is evident in the pioneering efforts that brought the opening of Unity School in 1964, the graduation of our first middle school  class in 1991 and the building of the incredible ALEC (Advanced Learning & Enrichment Center) Building in 2001.  The ALEC building houses an NBA quality gymnasium, television production studio, performance stage complete with lighting and sound, art studio, music studios, state of the art cafeteria  and the Lessons in Living department.