General Music

Music is an essential part of the human experience.  It engages the imagination of children and promotes creative/critical thinking and problem solving skills while building a strong sense of self-worth.  Music can act as a bridge to unite integrated learning, enhance an understanding of ethnic diversity, and provide alternative instructional strategies to “get the picture” across.

Our music curriculum is comprehensive and sequential.  Although some of the same content will be covered in different grades, it will become increasingly more challenging each year.


Beginning Band
This class is designed for all 4th and 5th Grade students. Basic musical skills, including reading music, tone production, and technical proficiency, are acquired during this course. This class is mandatory for all students.

Advanced 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Bands
The students develop basic and advanced performance skills such as: care and assembly of the instrument; playing posture; tone production; proper breathing technique; embouchure appropriate for individual instruments; proper attack and release of sounds; and articulation.  Concert preparation and performance skills are emphasized.

Jazz Band

This class studies all phases of jazz curriculum working in all varied styles, improvisation, performance techniques and showmanship. Students have an opportunity to play second and third instruments in this performance based elective. This group performs numerous times and places throughout the year.  Membership in this ensemble is through audition only.


Throughout the year, we address the individual singer by developing vocal skills, increasing knowledge of his/her own voice, developing music literacy and providing opportunities for solo performances.  In addition, we address the choral ensemble by developing group cohesiveness, building choral skills and fostering pride in participation.


This class introduces the beginning skills of the orchestral string instruments. Students have the opportunity to learn to play violins, violas, cellos, and the string bass. Tuning, bow technique, hand positions, care and maintenance, and note reading are some of the many aspects to be acquired through this class. Students do not need to audition for this elective.