Elementary School is, in some ways, the most important time in a student’s academic career. Our Elementary School moves from the Montessori Method to a traditional progressive program.  Beginning in Kindergarten where the teacher-student ratio is 1:10, the curriculum reflects a learning environment of increased structure, accountability, and independent learning.  The program is academically challenging while continuing to instill a love of learning as the children gain confidence through performance.  Students are given extensive opportunities for hands-on exercises to reinforce learning.  The atmosphere in the Elementary School is designed to support learning centers, team teaching, and cooperative learning techniques.  Theories about multiple intelligences, neurodevelopment, neuropsychology, and emotional IQ are incorporated into the curriculum.

The curriculum includes instruction in language arts, mathematics, art, music, discovery science, social studies, Spanish, computers, Lessons in Living, physical education, and library skills.  To inspire children with a love of reading, a guided Reading Counts program is used.  Students are encouraged to value mathematics, developing solid critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  The science program capitalizes on the innate curiosity students possess about the natural world, allowing exploration and self-discovery. Beginning as early as Kindergarten, students gain an orderly, thoughtful approach to observations in all areas of science.

Discovery Days have proven to be most effective with our elementary students where an entire day is dedicated to either Science or Social Studies.  Students engage in hands-on learning experiences and project-based learning.  This helps students in their retention as they make a permanent connection to the material through personal experience.