The study of instrumental music includes multicultural and interdisciplinary perspectives, as well as historic and stylistic periods in Western music traditions. This is a performance-oriented class.  Each student works on the development of basic music skills and specific technical aspects of their instruments.  This class also prepares students for concerts and festivals.  After school help is available.  Individual opportunities, as well as small ensemble experiences, are also available and encouraged. Ensembles in the beginning band classes are arranged for like instruments (brass, woodwinds, and percussion).

Beginning Band
This class is designed for all 4th and 5th Grade students. Basic musical skills, including reading music, tone production, and technical proficiency, are acquired during this course. This class is mandatory for all students.

Advanced 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Bands
The students develop basic and advanced performance skills such as: Care and assembly of the instrument; playing posture; tone production; proper breathing technique; embouchure appropriate for individual instruments; proper attack and release of sounds; and articulation.  Concert preparation and performance skills are emphasized.