Throughout the year, we address the individual singer by developing vocal skills, increasing knowledge of his/her own voice, developing music literacy and providing opportunities for solo performances. In addition, we address the choral ensemble by developing group cohesiveness, building choral skills and fostering pride in participation.

We believe that every child can learn, and extend that belief to the certainty that every child is musically expressive and deserves the opportunity to explore that capability. To that end, our vocal program offers opportunities for the hesitant music learner as well as the highly skilled, gifted musician.

We attend festivals and are given critiques in order to improve our vocal experience.

Another opportunity for chorus students is the Florida All-State Chorus in which they go through an intense audition process. If selected, students will perform with other students from the state of Florida at the Tampa Convention Center.

In Chorus, students will: learn ear training; learn advanced two-part music; learn how to use a sustained tone against moving parts; recognize interval patterns using solfege (do, re, mi, etc.); develop good vocal habits; develop sight singing skills; learn musical vocabulary and be able to describe pieces of music using these terms; develop choreography skills and learn which songs are appropriate to use with choreography; study composers as they relate to selected pieces of music; study the meaning of texts and how to interpret musical expression; and develop vocal skills through vocal exercises which reinforce diction, pitch, and rhythm.