Education at Unity School is a process that encompasses all aspects of the child and is based upon the promotion of the individual worth and dignity of each child.  Unity School’s innovative approach to this process incorporates brain-based learning, the universal principles, and extensive family and parental involvement on and off campus.

1. Brain-Based Learning

The curriculum at Unity School was developed to meet the needs of a child’s growing brain.  Our administrators have done significant research on the brain.  As a result, the day’s schedule and lessons are based upon a child’s optimum receptivity.  “Brain gym” and “heart math” are used to ensure a positive connection between the brain, body and spirit. Homework is geared toward ensuring that the information “sticks.” The nutritional program is centered upon a child’s need to maintain healthy brain functions.  Activities like music, athletics and art are intentionally introduced at varying ages to maximize the child’s experience.

2. Universal Principles

The Law of Oneness
The One Presence and One Power active in the Universe is impartial Love. This Force is often called God, Infinite Intelligence, Lord, Creator, or Universal Mind. We are one with this Presence and Power.

The Law of Wisdom
Infinite Wisdom and Divine Guidance is within all of us.

The Law of Love
As we align with the power of love within, we transform ourselves and our world.

The Law of Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a specific application of the Law of Love and is deeply transformative. Forgiveness heals and empowers us by bringing freedom from those perceptions that enslave and limit us.

The Law of Mind Action
Thought is creative. We can concentrate our energies together and make our dreams realities.

The Law of Equality
All life is an individualized expression of all that is good, and deserves love and respect.

The Law of Cause and Effect
As we sow, so shall we reap. Every thought, feeling and action has a corresponding result. This law enables us to create and guide our own destiny.

The Law of Giving and Receiving
True giving is unconditional, done with no expectation, and blesses the giver as well as the receiver. True giving manifests love.

The Law of Attraction
Like attracts like. We attract into our lives that which we think, feel, and imagine.

3. Family & Parental Involvement

More than 300 independent research studies show that building parental involvement in education is the number one thing we can do to create a great school and improve student performance.  Unity School provides a wealth of opportunities for parents and families to be involved in their child(ren)’s education from volunteering in the classroom to supporting the school’s calendar of events.  Our greatest asset is the dedication and involvement of our parents.