Grade 1 Summer Info

First Grade Summer Reading

First Grade Supplies

Please be sure that these items are exact numbers as they will need to fit in your child’s desk.


When possible, Unity School students are encouraged to buy earth friendly supplies.

Thank you


*Feel free to bring in your supplies on Meet & Greet Day.*


Quantity Description
2 Plastic folders (with pockets on the bottom)
2 Spiral notebooks (single subject)
1 Backpack or book bag (not on wheels) and the size and material should allow the child to fit it in their cubby with ease.
2 Pencils – 12 pack (please no mechanical pencils) & Pencil Box
3 Large glue sticks
2 Large pink erasers
1 Scissors (child safe)
2 Box of broad tip washable markers (8 count)
2 Box of crayons (24 count)
2 Box of fine tip washable markers (10 count)
1 Highlighter
10 Post-it Notes packs