Grade 6 Summer Info

Unity School Summer Reading Program – 2020

Students Entering Grade Six

Sixth Grade Supplies & Summer Reading

Dear Rising Sixth Grader,


It’s time to think about summer reading! I hope you have lots of time to read books this summer. I want you to read books that you will enjoy, so I’ve included a lot of choices.

Here’s your Required Summer Reading Book and Assignment:

  1. Please read this book toward the end of the summer as we will begin the year with a study of it:
  • Refugee by Alan Gratz
  1. When you have completed the book, you must take a Reading Counts Quiz online by Friday, September 4, 2020. You can access this through the Unity School webpage under Academics/Library. Please use your username (first initial last name) and your Super Password. If you have any problems, please email me.
  2. When school begins in August, be prepared to discuss the required book and complete a project. You do NOT have to write a paragraph about this book.

Here’s your Free Choice Summer Reading Assignment:

  1. Choose and read 2 (two) books from the suggested reading list attached.
  2. You must take a Reading Counts Quiz online on these two books by Friday, September 4, 2020.
  3. You must write a 6-8 sentence review for each book. Be sure to have a good topic sentence about whether you recommend the book or not, at least three details from the story to back up your opinion and a concluding sentence. These are due by Friday, September 4, 2020.

That’s it.  Enjoy your reading.  Read as much as you can, and I will see you in August.  If you have any problems or questions, please email me at

Have a safe, fun summer,
Mrs. Ferguson


Unity School Summer Reading Program- 2020

Students Entering Grade 6


Dear Parents and Students,

The following books are recommended for summer reading. Titles are chosen for their applicability to the curriculum, their recognition in journals, and in some cases, because of awards they have received. Students are encouraged to read as many books on the list as they choose; however, they must read one pre-chosen book for August as well as two other books of their choice from the list before the start of the school year.  Students may NOT choose a book they have already read, either in class or for another book report.  Enjoy reading and have a wonderful summer! If you have any questions, please email me.


Please note these are suggested books based on published lists for middle school students and have not been reviewed for content. Parents need to use their own discretion when students are choosing books.


6th Grade Summer Reading List:


*Free Choices: Please read two of the following books, complete a Reading Counts Quiz online for each, and write a one paragraph review of each due in August.


A Corner of the Universe                    Martin

****A Dog Called Homeless                  Lean, Sara

Absolutely Normal Chaos               Creech

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn              Twain

Adventures of Ulysses                         Evslin,B.

After the First Death                         Cormier, R.

Airborn                                          Oppel

Alien Secrets                                   Klause

Anastasia Krupnik                              Lowry

Anne of the Green Gables                     L.M Montgomery

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret      Blume, J.

Artemis Fowl                                   Colfer

Bad Beginning or any other in the series     Snicket

Back to the Divide                      Kay

Beastly Arms                                   Jennings

Beggars’ Ride                                   Nelson, T.

*****Better Nate Than Ever                  Federle

Black Stallion                                   Farley

Blue Heron                                      Avi

Boggart and the Monster               Cooper

Book Thief                                      Markus Zusak

Book Without Words                           Avi

Brian’s Winter                                  Paulsen

Bridge to Terabithia                         Paterson

Bud Not Buddy                               Doornik

Call of the Wild                                 London, J.

Chinese Cinderella                              Mah

Chocolate War                                  Cormier    

Crispin: The Cross of Lead                     Avi

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X           Peterson

Daniel’s Story                                   Matas

Double Identity                                Haddix

***Dead End in Norvelt                      Gantos

****Doll Bones                                Black

Ender’s Game                                   Card, O.

Enna Burning                                  Hale

Eragon                                           Paolini

Esperanza Rising                              Ryan

EverWorld; Land of Loss or Search for Senna      Applegate

Face On the Milk Carton or Voice on the Radio     Cooney, C.

Fallen Angels                                    Myers, W.

Family Apart                                    Nixon, J.

Far North                                       Hobbs

Feathers                                      Woodson

Firegirl                                        Abbott

*****Flora & Ulysses:Illuminated Adventures      DiCamillo

******** Girl Who Drank the Moon           Barnhill, K.

Goose Girl                                     Hale

Hatchet                                         Gary Paulsen

Hattie Big Sky                                Larson

Headless Cupid                                 Snydey

Heat                                      Lupica (or any novel by this author)

Heart of a Champion                           Deuker

Hobbit                                           Tolkien

Hoops                                            Myers, W.D.

Hoot                                             Hiaasen

House of the Scorpion                         Farmer

Hunger Game series:                         Collins

    The Hunger Games

    Catching Fire


Ironman                                         Crutcher

Jacob Have I Loved                            Paterson, K.

Jump Ship to Freedom                         Collier

Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery              Feinstein (or any novel by this author)

Let The Circle Be Unbroken                   Taylor, M.

Life As We Knew It                          Pfeffer

Lightning Thief                                 Rick Riordan

Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe           Lewis, C.S.

Little Women                                   Alcott, L.

Lyddie                                           Paterson

Man Who was Poe                              Avi

Maximum Ride Series:

   School’s Out Forever                      Patterson

   Saving the World and other extreme Sports      Patterson

Miracles on Maple Hill                          Sorensen

My Side of the Mountain               George

****Navigating Early                         Vanderpool

Nighthoops                                      Deuker

Our Only May Amelia                           Holm

******Piecing Me Together                    Watson, R. 

Pig Man (or any other title by Zindel) Zindel.

Redwall                                          Jacqus

Red-Tail Angels: The Story Of

The Tuskegee Airmen of WWII       McKissack

River Secrets                                 Hale

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry                  Taylor

****Sarafina                                  Hartman, R.

Shadow Children Series                        Haddix, M.

**Ship Breaker                                Bacigalupi

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series    Brashares, A.

So B. It                                         Weeks

Solitary Blue, A                                 Voight             

Something for Joey                            Peck

Speak                                            Laurie Halse Anderson

Squashed                                        Bauer

Stargirl                                         Jerry Spinelli

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes                 Crutcher

Sword in the Stone                             White

Tangerine                                      Bloor

****Three Times Lucky                      Turnage, S

True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle         Avi

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse,                Meyer

Uglies (Trilogy)                                 Westerfield, S

Up A Road Slowly                               Hunt, I.

Walk Two Moons                                Creech, S.

*******War That Saved My Life             Bradley, K.

Wednesday Wars                             Schmidt

What Janie Found                       Cooney, C.

What Janie Saw                                Cooney, C.

*When You Reach Me                        Stead 

Where The Red Fern Grows                 Rawls, W.

Witch & Wizard                              Patterson

Witch Of Blackbird Pond               Speare, E.

Wonder                                         R.J. Palacio

****Wonder Show                            Barnaby, H.

Year Without Michael                          Pfeffer     


*2010 Newbery Award Winning Book

**2011 Award/Honor Book

***2012 Award/Honor Book

****2013 Award/Honor Book

*****2014 Award/Honor Book

******2016 Award/Honor Book

*******2017 Award/Honor Book

********2018 Award/Honor Book


Sixth Grade Supplies