Toddler, Orientation & Preschool Summer Reading

Toddler, Orientation & Preschool Summer Reading

Toddler / Orientation / Preschool
Summer Literacy Activities 2020

Literacy skills are an essential part of a child’s education. Even before a child is reading, children can learn and use literacy skills. We have provided below a list of suggested literacy activities to enjoy with your child this summer, and through the year.

-Read with your child daily. Excellent authors to consider are:

        Mo Willems, Bill Martin Jr., Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss

-Do an activity with steps (such as baking) with your child. Say each step aloud as you do them.

-Have your child tell you a story. Write down their story and read it back to them. Encourage them to draw a part of their story.

-Take your child to a local public library.

-Write with your child. Allow your child to color or scribble on a piece of paper while you write and speak simple words. This can also be done on sand at the beach, or with sidewalk chalk, ect.

-Act out a favorite story with your child. (You can extend this by making simple costumes or masks.)

-Sing! Make up silly songs about what you are doing throughout the day, or sing some classic children’s songs (ex. The Wheels on the Bus).

-Pick two or three words in each book to “sound out” or break down into its smaller sound parts. Use your finger to indicate what part of the word you are pronouncing.