The child has one intuitive aim: self development

A Glimpse into the Future: Step-Up Day!

All Unity School students as young as preschool had the chance to live the day in the life of their futures selves on January 17th. Students had the chance to spend the day ?Stepping Up? to the grade above to get an idea of what next year will bring for them .

It was an opportunity for students to be exposed to teachers, curriculum , and routines that they will have next year. This was a wonderful chance to ease the worries and fears som e m ay have about advancing to a new grade. It was also a fun day filled with excitem ent, activity and laughter. By the end of the day, all children felt safe and com fortable, ready to take on a new grade level. Our 8th graders had the opportunity to spend the day with Mr. Saint Laurent and Ms. Houghton discussing leadership, changes for next year, and enjoying activities that will continue to prepare them for high school. It
was a fabulous day for students and teachers. – Barbara Ferguson Director of Unity Middle School