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Celebrating Valentine’s Day!

It was the night of pinks, reds, hearts, and roses!…

Unity Middle School?s annual Valentine?s Day Dance took place on Friday, February 3 and was, yet again, a big hit. The lunch room was decorated by seventh grade parent volunteers alongside the Student Government, and the transformation was magical! Students were dressed in their best. The DJ played favorite tunes, led students into various dancing games, a smile was on everyone?s faces, and an all-over good time was had by all.

Three times a year the Unity Middle School Student Government orders flowers and delivers them to the whole staff as a thank you for their hard work. On February 14, in conjunction with Valentine?s Day, Unity School staff received beautiful pink roses named Pink Floyd.

The Unity Elementary School celebrated Valentine’s Day with arts and crafts.

Creativity was abundant when students designed and created their own Valentine’s Day decorations, presents, and cards. The gifts were exchanged and everyone felt the love all around them!