The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Carina Baiano

Hi my name is Carina Baiano and I am in 8th grade.  I have been a student at Unity School for nine years.  I have played sports at Unity from fifth through eighth grades.  I played volleyball, basketball, soccer, and tennis.  Playing sports at Unity School gave me the opportunity to see which sports I enjoyed and which sports I did not enjoy.  I discovered I enjoy basketball and soccer but volleyball not so much.                 \

While playing sports I learned virtues like teamwork, drive, perseverance, humility, and gratitude.  I have also learned through sports how to apply these virtues into my everyday life.  My sports experiences will assist me not only as I move on to high school but college and as I enter the workforce as well.

My memories of playing sports as a Unity Mustang will be with me forever.  It is my hope for all Unity School student athletes to enjoy the same experiences I did in being a Unity Mustang.